Different modem types reported for same modem?

I recently upgraded a radio module from ZNet to ZB. When I do a Test/Query the XBP24-B type is reported but the Modem Configuration Read displays XBP24-ZB. Is this a problem?


No, I would not consider this an issue. I suspect it is just that the X-CTU software has not been undated to understand the difference between the Znet 2.5 and ZB modem types in the PC settings tab. I would expect this to be addressed in later versions of the program.

This is true. Test/query is reading the original hardware ID (ZNet 2.5), while reading the config under Modem Configuration is actually reading the firmware loaded on that hardware.

I suspect that if you’d purchased a ZB module, instead of upgrading a ZNet 2.5 module to ZB, you’d see a hardware ID listed as XBP24-Z7.