Digi Anywhere5/M Windows Server 2012 R2 with GSM Modem


Could anybody explaint what I was doing wrong?

What we have:
last version of the remhub - 3.90.223
OS: w2k12r2x64

the usb modem work perfect because all drivers and function was checked on physical server before using the Digi Anywhere

Digi does not recommend USB modems with the AnywhereUSB. This GSM modem is likely incompatible and therefore unsupported with the AnywhereUSB.

Hi, Jeremy

It is very strange I used this configuration for w2k3/w2k8 with different GSM modems more times
I can add the very simple GSM modem through Digi Anywhere in the w2k12r2 but I can not normally set up the newest GSM modem with multiple ports