Digi AnywhereUSB 14 showing USB but USB is not functional

We have 9 Wireless USB Adapter connected to 9 separate group in the AnywhereUSB Hub. These devices are used by 9 separate PC running Windows7 each connected to one of the 9 group.

After initial connection, all windows network icon shows wireless available. After sometime about 3 hours one of the PC stops showing the wireless network and after observing for about 24-36 hours we see that about 3-4 pcs does not show the wireless network. We changed the ports and groups but the problem still persist.

The configuration utility still shows device connected.

We do not need to physically remove the USB adapter most of the time. We just disconnect and reconnect to the group using the configuration utility and it works. But once we had to physically remove at least one device.

We have kept all TCP keep alive checked on every screen hoping it might solve the problem but the problem persist.

Is there some other settings or configuration missing or do we need a newer firmware which has these issues fixed.

Can anyone help?

Also is there an api to connect to specific group so that programmatically we can try to reconnect back. The API in the Advanced folder does not seem to have group in the parameter and we need 1 pc to connect 1 group not to entire HUB as the devices are shared.

Manual checks and reconnection is unfortunately not a solution and we need to have it done programmatically if possible.

Not sure what revision you are running on your device, but below is the link to the Release Notes for the latest Anywhere USB firmware.


I have checked the firmware and it seems it is the same as the one in the link. Also I have upgraded to 3.60.60 for the driver.

Does a USB mouse or keyboard work properly?

Are there any errors in Device Manager?

Can you still ping or access webui of the AnywhereUSB/14 when the issue occurs?