Some AnywhereUSB/14 not showing up on discovery

On a physical Windows Server2008R2 64bit host only one of three AnywhereUSB/14 hubs is showing. The host is on the same subnet as the hubs. However, even after adding the IPs of the hubs into the discovery list, the other two hubs will not show as available for connection.

The one hub that is showing as available is able to configure and connect USB groups/devices fine.

The hub’s system info:
Firmware Version: (build 82002081_L3 awusb14 eos 10/22/2015 12:09:41p)
Boot Version: (release 82002082_B awusb14 bootloader 11/09/2009)
POST Version: (release 82001552_A generic_travis hwdiag 11/09/2009)

The host’s driver info: 3.8.200

You might want to confirm any firewall or antivirus software is disabled which may be blocking discovery:

Found the issue in the end.

It wasn’t a firewall or antivirus as it turns out.

It was because Cisco NIC Team was enabled and although it was able to send/receive on all ports, for some reason it was not able to maintain a stable connection.

Disabling the NIC Team fixed the problem.