Digi C/Con showing "E0" after a reboot

We have a customer with Digi C/X and a couple of C/Con units, one local and one remote over X21 connection. The connection works just fine, except that after a reboot the remote C/Con unit shows “E0” on the display and does not start the user terminals.

The main issue is that, for historical reasons, the C/Con unit is located in what is now a private apartment, so every time they reboot the system, they have to get the tenant to open up and restart the box.

I cannot find anything in the documentation about “E0” (which I guess could be “ED” but I doubt it) so I wondered if anyone has any thoughts? We’ve had the hardware maintenance people swap the C/Con, I believe they’ve done that more than once.

Sounds like the C/CON needs to be repaired. E0 and Ed, both indicate a hardware issue.

Thanks. It’s surprising, though, as the C/Con has already been exchanged. I think our next move is to swap this C/Con-8 with one from another location - if the fault moves with the C/Con, then the box is faulty but at least might end up in a more accessible place, if it does not then it’s either cable (which has been swapped too) or the card itself.

Was the power supply for the C/Con also swapped? Could you be having power spikes that may cause this?

I can’t say for sure. It only does it when the server reboots, so it’s a bit of a coincidence that the power would spike when the server (which is in a different building, in a different town) is rebooted.