Digi Connect ME -S: Switching from local configuration to TCP sockets and back


I have Digi Connect ME -S devices connected to my host processors (one host processor has one Digi Connect ME -S). The host processor wants to send and get http(s) requests and replies. The server address and security level (Raw TCP / Secure Sockets) dont change very often.

I know that I can change the profile from my webbrowser when the Digi device is connected to the same network. This way I can set the server and security level (Service Raw TCP or Secure Sockets) once and then send and receive http(s) requests and replies through the devices UART and my host processor.

What I would like to do is to change between TCP socket profile and local configuration profile from the devices UART (connected to my host processor) so I can configure the device through my host processor. Like mentioned, I don’t need to do this very often but it would be very helpful if the client would not have to change the configuration in his webbrowser.

I guess I am overseeing something and would appreciate an idea and some help.


I found that I can use RCI for this by setting the DSR pin to LOW.