Digi Connect SP and PLC / which setup?

Hi everyone,

I have question about Digi Connect SP which should be connected to a PLC (programmable logic controller).

I don’t know how to set the Digi Connect converter to receive TCP packet that will be unpacked and sent to RS232 line. And do the same in backward direction. Does anyone now how to set it up?

The system consists of: PLC with LAN port <-> DigiConnectSP LAN/RS232 converter <-> Measuring instrument with RS232.

There is a lot of profiles:
TCP socket profile,
UDP socekt profile,
Serial Bridge

which one is the most suitable and how to set the connection more precisely?

Thanks, Petr

Ahhh, which PLC is it?

A PLC with a LAN port rarely understands TCP/IP such that it can send raw ASCII data via a socket. Some (like Omron & I think Siemens) allow you to disable/kill off their own protocol & do raw TCP traffic, but then you lose all Ethernet access to the device.

If your serial devcie is Modbus, then use the IA Engine. If the serial device is somethign else, you’ll most likely need the TCP Sockets profile. But then your challenge is how to make the PLC talk on that TCP socket.