Digi Connect SP image


I recently aquired what I thought was a replacement for a Digi One SP EtherNet to Serial server but when I received it I discovered I had purchased a Digi Connect DC-SP-01-CF/W. Is it possible to use this as a replacement for a Digi One SP?

This is a configurable module, you should be able to use it as long as you program it with the development kit. It comes with a simple ftpserver program loaded.

The model you have really will not serve as a replacement for the Digi One SP as it is a customizable product (-C part number). The plug and play version of the Digi Connect SP product would be a better fit (-S part number):


You might want to go back to where you purchased this to see if you can exchange it for the Digi One SP or the -S model of the Digi Connect SP.