DIGI ONE UDP functionality...?

I have been using DIGI ONE’s in order to integrate serially controlled weather stations into Crestron systems. Been setting them up UDP with a UPD object in the Crestron program. What this allows me is to get the data on the Crestron AND thru the weather station application via REAL(virtual?) port on a client’s PC. If the client’s computer is accessing the data the Crestron can’t see it…no big deal cuz the ap is mainly used to download the previous week’s weather data.
Issue: I am getting some data strings that don’t add up. If I go straight 232 into the Crestron or computer all is fine but something is getting misinterpreted…IDEAS?

Also! Anybody know a better way to do this as I really just stumbled on it by accident.


How are these configured? UDP Sockets serial profile?

If so, make sure you add the checkbox to ‘Send data after the following number of idle milliseconds’ and put in something like 25 or 100 msec. if you don’t, then some of your response strings might get truncated by the application. This settings causes the Digi One to keep building a single UDP packet until no more data arrives on serial port for this time.

hmmm. cool. Can’t verify right now but that sounds good.
Does that seem right? UDP in this instance because it is not connection dependent? does it make sense? obviously I’m no expert in these matters.

yes, I believe it must be serial profile.


it’s a DOSP if that makes any difference.

The symptom would be if your host applications sees a message like “status=” and the rest of the message of "good
" is missing.

This is because the host app probably expects a full response in each UDP packet. However the DOSP you use has no clue what “a full response” is, so it just guesses and by default might send too fast, sending a half-message.

Also, make sure you try the latest firmware release “U” which is up on our support site as it has some better default behavior for UDP like this.

That does make a difference, since the thread was posted in a “Digi One IAP” forum and the model isn’t a Digi One IAP. This topic has now been moved to the correct forum.