DIGI XBEE® SX 868 Connecting to XCTU Without a Development Board

I am working on a project that utilizes XBEE SX 868 modules. I bought the dev boards and xbee modules from different places. I have received the modules, but the dev boards are stuck during the shipping process. I need to start testing and working on modules as soon as possible. Can I connect modules to the XCTU program without any development boards? I need a quick and makeshift solution ASAP. I need to get to their basic functionality, at least to prove that they are even working.


Digi XBee modules supports UART pins for communication. Without a dev board in place, you need to make your own board with UART to USB conversion IC in place.

You may look at schematics of Digi XBIB dev boards at below article link for reference:

Digi Technical Support