Digiport TS/16 firmware upgrade


I’m using 2 PortServer TS/16 and I would like to upgrade the firmware before using them on a brand new HP rp4410.

The 2 devices show the following :
Model: PortServer TS 16
Firmware: Version 82000684_H 10/09/2003
POST: 82000685_D 01/23/2003

As i never did such an operation, can anybody confirm I can safely upgrade the POST with 82000685_G.bin and then upgrade the firmware with 82000684_T1.bin

What is needed to answer your question is the 50xxxxxxx part number (complete, including after the hyphen or any letters after).

This part number can then be compared against the part numbers on the firmware page for that unit to determine whether you’ll need the 82000854_xx or 82000684_xx firmware. The reason for this is due to a hardware change.

The part number I’ve found under the device is 50001207-01 M.

If M is the revision letter, the files I downloaded seems to be th good ones.

Can U confirm ?

Thanks a lot.

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You are correct. The “M” revision is new enough to use the latest firmware files you downloaded.

Thanks a lot …