TS16 Upgrade required for Item: 50001207-01 E ??

I have a TS16 which provides the following results during boot up and pressing “v”:

Serial Transmit Test: .ooooooooooooooo
gpio-enet test: okay
Memory test: okay
mbox test: processor 0 okay
mbox test: processor 1 okay
ENET: 3 passed
RTC test: OK

Press ‘?’ for diagnostics menu
or carriage return to continue booting

Boot Revision 82000685_C 04/09/2002

  1. Watchdog test
  2. LED test
  3. Serial port test
  4. Ethernet interrupt test
  5. Memory test
  6. Mailbox register test
  7. Ethernet controller test
  8. WAN port test
  9. RTC memory test
    a) All tests

My firmware is Version 82000684_C 04/08/2002

I do not see how to update the POST and firmware via TFTP?

Can I get a white paper or other instructions for upgrading to …854_J?

The last TS4 I tried to do got messed up and ended up providing me with ‘911’. I sent it back to Digi for warranty repair but this one is out of warranty.


refer the link below