digiport TS to panasonic PBX?

I’ve been trying to connect my digiport to my panasonic pbx and it’s making me nutz!!!

the original connection was made using a desktop PC and the com port on the back.
But the phone guy had specially wired port adapters.

I have the pin outs but I can’t match them up to anything that makes sense.

this was the pin config the phone guy gave me.
25-pin 9-pin
SD 2 2 RD
RD 3 3 TD
SG 7 5 GND
DTR 20 6 DSR

This is the pin config i found when I openned the port adapter connected to the PBX
DB-25 male RJ-45
7 white 1
loose brown 2
loose yellow 3
5 green 4
6 red 5
20 black 6
3 organge 7
2 blue 8

I guess what is REALLY confusing me is that he had made port adapters that connected to RJ-45 straight throughs.

since the digiport has a rj-45 PORT it seems like it should be simple to make a new cable but I can’t wrap my head around it.
if someone could help that would be great.

Here’s what you’ll want to use when wiring the DB25 connector to a Digi RJ-45 8-wire:

PBX Digi
DB25 RJ45

TxD 2 ------ 5 RxD
RxD 3 ------ 4 TxD
CTS 5 ------ 2 RTS
DSR 6 ------ 8 DTR
SG 7 ------ 6 SG
DTR 20 ------ 1 DSR

Make sure the altpin parameter is off, or the meaning of RJ-45 pin 1 becomes DCD rather than DSR.

Hope that helps!