Discover on XBee Pro 3 Zigbee 3.0

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I’m using XBee Pro 3 Zigbee, i was config 1 node with CE=1, SC=1 and 3 node with CE = 0, SC=7FFF and all ID = 10, but i can’t scan any node in Coordinator with ATND.
My network model is 1 Coordinator(ZC) and 20 Router(ZR) per networks. I want Coordinator can control Router and Router can send data to Coordinator. After Coordinator has starup for 5 minute, i want any ZR can’t join network, beacause i want multi network in an area.

This sounds like the routers had joined before the SC value had be sent. Try doing a NR1 on the routers.

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Oh, that’s right!
Thanks so much!!!
But how to Router auto send NR=1 when Coordinator was changed Channel?

What you would need to do is to enable the Watch Dog timer on the routers.

Oh, thanks!
Can i scan Coordinator on Router? beacause Router don’t known Coordinator’s 64-bit address, How to transmit data from Router to Coordinator

You can use the address 0 or you can send a data packet out from the Coordinator to the routers sending the address in the data packet, you could use a remote AT command from the Coordinator while it is in API mode to change the values on the routers or you can set the NI on the Coordinator to a value. Then use the DN or ND command to discover the address of the coordinator.

Good Idea! Thanks so much!