Documentation & Software for older Real Port


i have here several older (date 2003/2004) “Digi One Real Port” PN. (1P)50000723-01 and i am searching the documentation (i.e. user manual, setup instructions) as well as the software (Windows / is it compatible with actual realport software?). Looking at the digi website i could not locate it, i think because it is that old…

In fact i tried resetting (30sec button pressing while plugging power) but the device does not take a address from DHCP… Of course without the right instructions it’s just a lot of guesswork…

Thank You very much,


your device is obsolete. However, the documentation for the current portsever TS 1-4 devices would work for this device. I am including a URL to this page below.

You will need to to open the devices webui, and set the serial porfile to realport. This is the only thing that will need to be set in the hardware.

The link above will include the latest version of the realport driver.