Does the ClassicBoard 8 PCI have a DOS config tool?

I have a ClassicBoard 4-ISA card. It has a DOS config tool (CFG.EXE) that lets me assign each of the 4 ports its own I/O, and it lets me give the card itself an IRQ.

For my particular DOS program, I believe this is a requirement. I don’t think any of the intelligent and/or PnP stuff will work at all.

Does the ClassicBoard 4/8 PCI have a DOS tool like CFG.EXE? I’m considering moving the DOS program to another computer, but it only has PCI slots.

In looking at this link:, I’m concerned that the PCI cards do not have the DOS config tool.

This is not available for PCI adatpers. PCI adatpers are assigned resources by the system BIOS.

Hmm… and with the BIOS, I’m guessing there’s no way for me to assign specific I/O addresses to the card’s serial ports? (Nothing that was readily apparent when I looked anyway.)