Does Xbee3 have way of dealing with link keys from 3rd party Zigbee devices using XCTU?

I have a schneider electric 10AX ZB3 PRO switch here, I have online instructions for talking to 3rd party devices (ZS 2,AP 1, AO 3, EE 1, EO 2, KY 5A6967426565416C6C69616E63653039) but I still can’t connect to it. The 10AX switch has an install code printed on the side. Obviously this needs to be converted into a link key somehow (using an AES algorithm apparently). Is this possible to do with XCTU? I am pretty sure I can work how to send it explicit frames to control it once we are connected but I am stuck at 1st base with this thing. Any help would be appreciated but if it can’t be done then it would be good to know that too and I can work out something else.


Is this Schneider Electric device a Smart Energy device?

The directions you are referring to are for talking to Home Automation devices and not all Zigbee devices.