Dongle not working

Hi, I’m testing AnywhereUSB to redirect a SafeNet HASP HL dongle to a Virtual Machine (VM). However the Dongle is showing up, but does not work.

The VM is Windows 10 running in a Hyper-V environment on Windows 2012 R2. Connection to the VM done from a laptop with Windows 10. Driver for AnywherUSB is installed in the VM. AnywhereUSB is showing up in the VM.

When connecting to the VM via Remote Desktop Connection the Dongle is visible in the device manager. However the protected SW doesn’t recognize it.

When connecting to the VM via Hyper-V manager, everything works as expected and the protected SW accepts the Dongle.

Any I idea how I can get the connection to work using a Remote Desktop Connection?

Thanks, Joerg

I would review this KB articles

thanks for the reply.

I walked through the troubleshooting points in the first article. I also did the #8. However I didn’t get the Dongle to recognized by the protected software.

I’m wondering why it works when using Connect in the Hyper-V Manager but not with a regular Remote Desktop Connection?!

I supposed AnywhereUSB acting as a gateway bridging the remote USB Dongle into the virtual machine. The Dongle is showing up in the ‘USB Device Viewer’ and also in the Device Manager in the virtual machine, but not recognized by the protected software.
So seems there is something broken in the communication layer of the AnywhereUSB gateway capability.

Anything else I can test or change?


some devices by (MicroSofts) intention don’t work over RDP, e.g. like security or identity card scanners. see:

Instead of using RDP you would need to access them through VPN, which is possible with Digi AnywhereUSB (Plus)