Eclipse hangs when start debugging

I’ve today started having a problem with Eclipse/NET+OS 7.4 - application builds fine, debugger downloads code etc.
Then the debug screen hangs, with a white bar where the main menu (File…) should be.

I’ve tried with two debuggers (Raven on parallel port, and Segger on USB) so don’t think that’s the issue. Connect ME target.

Eclipse and NET+O/S are patched up to date, but I haven’t done any development for a month or so. I’m wondering whether some other application I’ve installed has upset the java - for instance I’ve recently upgraded to OpenOffice 3.1

Anyone any ideas?

Think I’ve tracked it down.

The breakpoint file was bad - it had several cases of multiple references to the same breakpoint, and also references to arm9 files (not good with Connect ME!)

I deleted all but the breakpoints that should have been there, and its worked since.