removed breakpoint keeps coming back

I have a breakpoint in root.cxx (line 188) and it keeps coming back after removing it. (It reappears when I debug again).

In which file is this breakpoint stored (so I can remove it by hand)?

I did manage to disable the breakpoint and it remembers this.

The debugger automatically places a breakpoint at the call to InitAppServices in ApplicationStart (that’s how the functions are named in C code, they may be called something else in C++).

Is that what you mean?

I’ve been trying to get rid of it too, without success (so thanks for the tip about disabling it).

The same with the initial stop after loading the program image into device RAM: when I say “start debugging” I mean “start debugging”, not “load program to memory and stop” :frowning:

It wouldn’t be so bad if loading and starting didn’t take so long. Now I when start debugging I can’t even go for a cup of coffee, because I have to remain there to click “start” twice more, and then wait for my own initialization to finish before I finally hit the breakpoint where I did want it to stop.

[end of rant]

Yes, really irritating.
Also see this thread:,2603#8421

I think that is the (default?) behavior of GDB, the underlying debugging tool the ESP uses. This was also present in previous versions of NET+OS when running from a command line. There may be a way of modifying the GDB scripts (by adding ‘delete breakpoints’?) to auto remove it for you.

Thanks charliek, that would be great!
Do you happen to know which script I have to edit and how?

The debug scripts used can be found in (ESP root directory)/configuration/org.eclipse.osgi/bundles/. You’ll want to look for the debugger file based on the name (i.e. gdbconnectme.jlink for the Connect ME’s debugger script for use with the JTAG Link debugger). You’d then want to modify it with the command line GDB commands appropriate ‘delete breakpoints’. I’ve not tested this myself, but in theory it should work…