End Device wont join PAN

Hello again
I am transmitting data from a co-ord AT (XBP24BZ7 - 208C) to and End device AT (XBP24BZ7 - 288C) quite succsessfully. I want to be able to add another end device to listen to the co-ordinator transmissions but I cant get it to work and Im assuming that is because the co-ord DH & DL dont match the 2nd end device that I want to add. I have read over and over the PDF and of course Im confused. Contrary to this of course the literature says End devices can join a PAN so then I assume that in the joining process the Co-ord collects the address of the new joining device and so it all works ??? I have set the Co-ord to allow joining at all times by the way.

First, AM I understanding this correctly … can an end device add itself to my network ??

IF so … waht am I doing wrong.

Second question invloves sending AT commands to a device, this could be related to the problem above … I dont know.

I have tried to send AT commands to the module and I can only get it to reply to the “+++” sequence immediately after I reset the device. Once it has timed out and gone out of Command Mode it will not reply to a “+++” sequence. This is frustrating because I want to use the ATDB command to display the received signal level.

Thanks for any help


The end device can join the network, if it has same PanID, channel, SC parameter and Encryption key. Check for the AI parameter on the End Device. In default setting as you start the end device, it would have OI =FFFF, that says end device has not joined the network.it OI is different than either restart the end device or set OI using II parameter as coordinator OI.

If you have to send multiple times DB parameter in the AT mode then send this way.

So, this will start the AT command session and after sending CN command the AT command session would stop. If you don’t do that then you will face AT command session time out problem.