Etherlite 16 - FAS_UNIT_UNLOCK error ?

We have an Etherlite 16 that has been working fine for a long time with our Solaris host.

Today, however, it won’t initialize correctly - giving the following error on the host: “cdetherd[825]: read(FAS_UNIT_UNLOCK): Connection reset by peer (errno=131)”.

It still responds to ‘ping’, but we can no longer connect to it with the terminal emulation ‘tip’ tool - returns “No such device, All ports busy” error.

Has anyone seen a similar error ?
Do you know a possible fix ?


FAS_UNIT_UNLOCK typically means the Etherlite didn’t see any traffic for 2 minutes and reset the socket, i.e. its a connection timeout error.

The fact that you can ping the IP of the Etherlite but the driver isn’t working makes me think you may have something else on the network using the EL’s IP. Can you rlogin to the Etherlite IP from the Solaris server? And if you power off the EL, can you still ping the IP? That should pretty much expose whether or not this is a duplicate IP issue.


I’ve verified that there is no IP conflict: When I unplug the Etherlite unit, I can’t ping it’s address any longer.

I can rlogin into my other Etherlite boxes, but this one rejects the rlogin with “Connection reset by peer”.

The LEDs look normal. “Link” goes solid green immediately after power up, and ‘ON’ fast blinks for a few seconds and then stays solid on.

If I reset the driver (/etc/init.d/etherlite stop; /etc/init.d/etherlite start) my other Etherlite units report ‘online’, but we immediately get the FAS_UNIT_UNLOCK error from the problem child.

It does sound like this unit is bad then. Please reply to the support case you created with the requested information so we can have our RMA Dept. contact you tomorrow.


Our Etherlite 16 is s/n 265330. Is it still repairable ?

What’s the cost for an out-of-warranty repair ?