Extra carriage return

I’m able to connect to my Cisco switch using the Cisco cable from my Digi Real Port. However when I hit return, once connected to the Cisco switch, the prompt scrolls twice - I get two carriage returns instead of one. No other characters are repeated and accessing the cisco switch directly I do not get this problem. Also when in the digi command line the return key gives me one carriage return.

I have tried both Microsofts telnet and putty and get the same issue. And I am aware of the Putty issue posted in the forum with carriage return and mine is set according to the correct configuration in that post.

Please advise, I am unable to set passwords on the Cisco device until this is resolved. Thanks.

This might be the problem:

Try telnetting to it from a client other than Microsoft’s and see if you get the same behavior. If not, any other telnet client should work fine in place of the MS one.

I was using Putty as well and had the same problem. I figured out what the resolution is in Putty. In the Connection –> Telnet configuration panel I deselected the check box for “Return key sends telnet New Line instead of ^M” that seems to have resolved the issue.

Thanks for your time…