Extra USB devices showing

We have an AnywhereUSB 8 Plus, which when we are plugging in an device, it creates an sub-interface. i.e. the device is plugged into port 6, and in the interface, it is shown as 6.2, and port 6 being empty. This is the strange part, as the current device is the only one doing this.

It does read all information correctly, and is showing in the manager.
However the software that needs that USB device will not recognize it. (This might be a different problem, as the device is shown on the pc)

Any help would be appreciated.

What device exactly are you connecting to the Hub?
I would recommend emailing us at tech.support@digi.com to get a case going to resolve. Please attach support report files to your email.
AnywhereUSB Plus Hub:
System > Administration > Support Report
AnywhereUSB Manager:
Help > Create Support file


It is an VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) for connecting to a Vehicle (automobile) on the distance, and the USB communication is through the Anywhere 8 Plus.

I will send an support case.