Feature request for a desktop tool to better control your Digi modules!

Hi everybody,
moltosenso is developing a cross-platform software able to setup and control Digi International modules.

What do you think about starting a feature request thread here?

These are the features that are now (or will be soon) available on our moltosenso Network Manager software:
[li] natively cross-platform: available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms;
[/li][li] API Operation (with and without escaped characters)
[/li][li] get/set of the parameters of Digi International modules plugged to the PC and remotely addressable, both in API and AT mode;
[/li][li] graphic test for RSSI parameter, with packet lost statistics;
[/li][li] firmware upload (local and - where available - remote);
[/li][li] automatic setting of the serial port for an easier communication with the local device;
[/li][li] [XBEE] GUI interface for easy I/O lines setting of both local and remote Digi XBEE modules;
[/li][li] [XBEE] GUI interface for reading measurements and setting output digital lines of both analog (mV read) and digital input lines;
[/li][li] creation of scripts to get and set repetitively the parameters of the modules. Step-by-step debug functionality for the real time monitoring of the commands issued to the nodes;
[/li][li] advanced scripting interface with conditional expressions to trigger actuators plugged on Digi modules in function of reached thresholds, specific alerts or expired timers;
[/li][li] graphical and file data logger;
[/li][li] advanced API builder with script functionalities and responses interpreter;
[/li][li] … and then? Anything else to ask for?
We are available to discuss other features! Leave your comments below!

Then, give a chance to the moltosenso Network Manager IRON, where the first four features of the previous list are already implemented.
Visit our Download Page and do not forget to let us know your user experience!


I think that it is very good tool on a multi-platform.
Probably, it is good news also at MAC User.

well,Isn’t there any function in which the API frame can be treated easily? .

This is an excellent idea, and even the free version supports firmware upgrades - I have my own code for most of the other features, but still (on Linux) have to run X-CTU under an emulator to change the firmware.

My feature request, echoing chobichan, would be for easy API packet creation and analysis. I’ve published analysis code (available in the 802.15.4 forum but works for all module types), and you’re welcome to use it or to refer to it if you want. My only plea would be that if you use my code, you’l make that feature available also in the free version.

Oh, and I see you’ve built the Linux version only for Debian. Is support for other distributions planned?

Possibly, it does not correspond to API2? .

@chobichan: Hi!

Was that a reply to my post, or to the original?

If it was to my post, my software does cope with API2.

If it wasn’t a reply to my post, please ignore this message :slight_smile:

Dear johnf and chobichan,

thank you for your suggestions.

API2 operation option and API builder (and responses interpreter) has been both added to the wishing list.

@johnf: other distribution are surely planned. First will be rpm package.
Your software is really nice, we will go through it to understand it better.

Do not hesitate to post other interessant features, you could became our official Beta Testers!



Was that a reply to my post?


By the way, I read the document of your web site.
I think that that document is very helpful.
I hope that a official document is also as intelligible as this.

API2 operation option and API builder (and responses interpreter) has been both added to the wishing list.

wow,it’s wonderful.
I was waiting for such a tool.

best regards.


Although this is a very small thing, I want you to raise the contrast of a screen design more.
It is felt hard to see a little.

I use the free windows version.

Hi Chobichan,

thank you for using the IRON release under Windows.
May you better explain what you mean with “raise the contrast of a screen design”? Is there a particular zone of interest that is not visible?

Thank you, regards.

hi, thanks for your reply.

As shown in a figure, it is difficult to read a small character.
and,Where is a slide bar? OTL

Hi Chobichan,

it looks like you do not have ClearType support enabled.

From the User Manual: When using an LCD monitor, a better font rendering can be achieved by enabling ClearType support under Display Properties in the Control Panel of your Windows® OS. ClearType support improves font display quality on color LCD monitor, making fonts smoother and avoiding aliasing.

Let us know if this solve your issue!

The slide bar is exactly on the right of the list, near the GET button.



Though regrettable, it is not not much good.
Probably there will also be performance of the display my PC.
A situation changes by slight inclination.

I hope that a user can choose font.

Hi chobichan,

we can evaluate in the future your proposal to allow the users to change our software fonts.


Hi Chobichan,

we have evaluated your valuable suggestions and we’ve just released the moltosenso Network Manager IRON 1.0.0 with full support to API2 mode (with escape characters).

You can download it for free here choosing your preferred Operating System.

Enjoy it and stay tuned for the other releases: they will include most of the desired features mentioned on the very first post of this thread!