Getting started with sleepy Xbee with Aloha button


I have 2 xbp24 xbee pro ieee 802.15.4 devices and want to create the following setup.

One XBee must be in sleep continuously until a button is pressed. When the button is pressed, the Xbee wakes up, fires a ‘signal’ en goes back to sleep. This Xbee is battery powered so must really consume as less power as possible.
The other Xbee must is not powered by a battery so can listen all the time. When receiving the ‘signal’ from the battery powered Xbee, tis Xbee must output a puls of 1 second on one of his outputs.

When the signal is lost, it doesn’t matter. There must also be any acknowledgement.

Is it possible with Xbee hardware only, or is a additional MCU needed?

Is there any ‘getting started guide’ on that?

Line passing isn’t what i’m searching for becasue this is not accourding to the Aloha principle and consumes alot of power.

Any idea’s?

Thanks in advance, regards, Maarten