Has anyone seen any kind of network disruption from a CM box?

Hello, My data center recently implemented the first of four planned CM-48 “upgrades” from a different terminal server.
The box was in place for 6 weeks doing a stability test with only two devices connected to the serial ports (fairly standard for us when installing unfamiliar equipment) and it ran without many hiccups after doing a firmware update to the latest rev. The day it went on line, it did something that brought the core data center network to it’s knees. The only config changes at that point were final port descriptions, changing the serial port authentication status to “none” and adding some additional users. 15 minutes after plugging in the last host, that last host went unstable. A day and a half of erratic network activity until someone noticed that the terminal server would lock up whenever the network when honky and decided to unplug the terminal server box and the network stabilized. There were indications of storm traffic, but never specifically pointed at the CM-48. Has anyone seen anything like this before? I’m the one who made the call on purchasing these, so I’m trying to wipe the egg off my face. We’re going to move the device to an island and put a packet sniffer on it, but in the meantime, I wanted to check the user forums. Thanks to anyone who has any suggestions. I believe that the network team is reviewing logs in the routers to see if they can identify what happened, but after spending all weekend here, nobody is likely to jump on this right away now that the offending device is quarantined.