HELP. Undefined state of AnywhereUSB. HELP

Please can anyone help? We have in our company AnywhereUSB. After re-configuration, which consist of changing setup of AnywhereUSB to use DHCP setting of IP address, STATUS LED became ORANGE and is always ON. After restart STATUS LED is ON for 2 seconds and then after few seconds is again STATUS LED ORANGE and still ON. In this undefined state seem, that no packet is received from AnywhereUSB and I can’t change setup of AnywhereUSB. I try to change drivers to latest(v1.8), but it didn’t help. I try to flash AnywhereUSB with one of the bin firmware file but i can’t communicate with AnywhereUSB. It seems like initialization has been frozen somehow. Please if anybody know some hint or if exist any utility i will be very grateful for any information. Thank You.


What you’re seeing is when the AnywhereUSB is trying to get an IP address from a DHCP server and there is no DHCP server available or the server is not configured correctly.

Some DHCP servers are setup to only give out IP addresses to manually entered MAC addresses.

At this point you should use our reset utility. I have attached it via zip file and it should included instructions as well. Once the unit is reset the led’s should show a scanning pattern. Please make sure that the AnywhereUSB is connected properly and DHCP is setup correctly before trying again.

Please contact me at if you still have problems.

Best regards,

Mike Swift

Hi Mike,

thank you very much for your utility. It fixed the problem. I am very grateful to you for your help.

Thanks again.

Best Regards

Jan Toth

My pleasure, feel free to contact me anytime down the road if you have any issues.


Mike Swift