Hitting the ceiling on 3710

My rabbit 3k server application is getting quite robust. A 20 will handle it, but it bounces off the ceiling on a 10. The installed user base I’m targeting is full of 10s and not many 20s.

I’ve tried every trick in the book to squeeze memory out of the 10. Is there a way to easily mod the 10 to give it more memory? The ones in the field already have a daughterboard, so this would have to be some sort of hand-mod that can fit physically and electrically.

I can’t cripple my app just to make it fit and I doubt that there is any facility to process used 10s from the field for new 20s.

Any suggestions or ideas? I’m trying to go this route rather than port to Rasp.Pi.

Thanks in advance.

You would need to replace U2 (SRAM) and U3 (flash) on the device, according to the schematic: http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/0900177_k.pdf

And then you’d need to run the WriteIDBlock program to identify the module as an RCM3720 instead of an RCM3710. You’d want to make note of the MAC address of the device so you could re-use it in the new ID block.

Depending on the cost of those chips, and the cost of the skilled labor to replace them, I guess it could work to go down that path. It sounds labor intensive and obviously voids any warranty remaining on that hardware.

You could also do a bulk order of RCM3720 modules, install your code on them, and then ship out to users as a hardware upgrade of the product.

You could potentially do that for some of your users and ask that they return the pulled module, then perform your hardware upgrade on the returned hardware and ship it back out as a replacement for other users.

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Excellent answer.

Thanks Tom!