Hotspot login page not working correctly

Digi TX64 routers running and firmware versions. We’re having an issue with our hotspot login page not working correctly for simple click through authentication.

What happens is you click the checkbox to accept terms and conditions, and then click the continue button and basically the login page just reloads. It never advances on to a next screen. It does recognize that the checkbox has been checked, because if you leave the checkbox unchecked and click Continue, it throws up the appropriate error message on screen.

We get this same behavior on iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices, so OS doesn’t seem to play into it. Our login page is a customized version of the demo page Digi provides. I’ve compared the customized version side by side with the demo page, and I can’t find any differences as far as the code for Chilli goes.

Anyone else run into this?


I would suggest logging into and creating a case for this issue.

For anyone else who runs up on this issue, I found a solution that works for us.

It turned out that when DRM loaded the configuration bundle with the customized HTML file in it, it was deleting Chillilibrary.js out of the hotspots folder. Without that file being in the folder with the HTML file, the HTML file couldn’t talk to Chilli, so authentication didn’t work. My solution was to grab a copy of Chillilibrary.js from another router and add it to the File System on my configuration bundle, and that seems to have solved the problem.

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