How can I control a 24Vdc proportional valve with XBee S1?


I m working on a project to control a proportional valve that operates on 24VDC from Allen Bradley Compact controller, the thing is I’m not quite sure how can I drive the valve knowing that XBee will operate on 3.3V? what I provide the power supply for the valve externally would be easier design?

Thank you in advance for your valuable contribution!


Hi Hassan,

Here is the kind of thing you are looking for:

Here is an example:

Here is a video that might be of some help:

Here is someone else’s example as well:

Hello Nicholas,

Thanks for your answer, I thought that the relay will be used for ON/OFF type of valve, but in my project I’m using proportional valve that requires 24VDC and 4-20mA to control the valve. I don’t how the 3.3V XBee can give me 4-20mA as a signal to the valve. So, it is not ON/OFF valve, it is an analog output 4-20mA operated valve…

Thank you again for the valuable comments…