How can I learn more about the different firmware?

First the background, I have been using the XBee3, Sparkfun # WRL-15130 in a IOT system. Now that these are mostly unavailable I am looking at using the XBee 3 Pro, Sparkfun # WRL-15131.
For the XBee3 I used the XB3-24 Product family, with the Digi XBee3 DigiMesh 2.4 TH function set.

Now that I am using the pro I wanted to learn more about the different types of firmware. Is there a high level explanation, or a low level that I can use to ensure I am using the write firmware for the device and application. I wouldn’t want to pay more for the PRO and wind up wasting some of the benefits. I also would like to make sure I am not risking damage, or causing other issues.


Look at the Product manual for the XBee 3 firmware options. What PRO means is that it is the higher output power for the product. So you need to be careful on where you are exporting /importing the PRO versions to.

Thanks, sorry for the delay in replying. I’ll check out the manual. I do understand about the PRO being higher wattage. Fortunately I am not exporting, so that won’t be a concern for me.