how do you change username and password on Transport WR21?

What is the fundamental process to change username and password from default?

See page 648

Users security settings
Digi TransPort User Guide
Change the default username and password for a user
By default, the username fo
r each supported user is
and the password is
To increase security, change the username and password for device users from these defaults.
Record the new password. If the changed password is lost, the router must be reset to the default firmware settings.
In the web interface:

  1. From the Main menu, navigate to
    Configuration > Security> Users> User n.
  2. In the Username field, enter the new user name. Up to 14 characters are allowed in a username. For additional details on the username, see
    User parameters on page 646.
  3. In the Password / Confirm Password field, en
    ter the new password. For additional details on the password, see User parameters on page 646.
  4. Select the access level for the user:
    Read Only,
    Descriptions of these access levels is in
    User parameters on page 646.
  5. Click Apply

Very easy, good instructions! Thank you.