How much work is it to design a web page application

I want to be able to connect the 7520 device to LAN to get a webpage with som runtime info displayed. Is there an example program of this ? How can I get a webpage to display information held in some variables or adresses in the system ?

If you already have a hardware working, its very easy to create a webserver application. nahttp is an example application you can copy and run as it is. The HTML to C compiler creates c routines of your html code.

I found that the nahttp application worked very quickly. As a lousy web designer and not a brilliant C-programmer (keep lapsing into Pascal) I had the basis of my application within a couple of days - and that was four pages of configuration and status info. Completing all the hooks into my code took about a week in all, including working out how to use PBuilder. So basically fairly straightforward Steve