How to allow RTS and DTR manual control pass two PortServer TS 1 bridge conecting over an IP link?

We are connecting a RS232 meter concentrator to an RS232 GPRS modem using a point to point IP wireless link.

The meter concentrator requires to pass through the signaling for handshaking and configuration every time the modem connects via GPRS.

In order to guarantee handshaking happens every time the modem connects to GPRS we need the RTS and DTR to be disconnected and connected, hence the PortServer TS 1 bridge to passthrough the signaling from one end of the other through the IP wireless link.

The RTS toggle seems that is not working.

How do we solve it?

Would need more information on the configuration and environment. What is the Bridge being established whith (i.e. another PortServer)?

Typically RTS and DTR are asserted when the port is opened and drop when the port is closed.