How to configure Xbee PRO S2C standalone?

HI all.
i have a question about How to configure Xbee PRO S2C to standalone?
because I want to program the GPIO pins of Xbee to switch ON/OFF LED .
I already have XCTU program and i want to know how to configure xctu program to set xbee to standalone.
please help.
thank you very much.

What do you mean by Stand alone? Depending on what firmware version you have installed depends on if it is an 802.15.4, Digi Mesh or Zigbee device which all three do require two or more modules to form a network.

To Mr.mvut
Thank you for your answering.
I mean using xbee PRO S2C connect directly to the sensor, not using other microcontroller (such as Arduino) because i think the Xbee PRO S2C has a microcontroller in itself so it may be monitoring or controlling sensors directly.


You can send AT commands to configure Digital I/O pins to “Output Low” or “Output High” value and control connected LED lights.

Digi Support

Hi Varawut,

I am doing the same thing. Maybe this will help you.

By the way I have successfully did one side xbee standalone.

For example 1 Xbee standalone is connected across and LDR.
The other Xbee is connected to Arduino, which then activates the an LED attached. If you want that I can share the steps.

Thank You

I was able to implement this. Please follow this: