How to connect an AnuwhereUSB v2 to a remote server through two firewalls

Need some details that I failed to find.
The setup is as follows:
A KVM virtual machine with windows XP is located on a remote server. We need to connect a USB smartcard read-write device to a program running on the VM, we use anywhereUSB/5 v2 for that.
The info I failed to find is, first of all, what port(s) should I open in the two firewalls and where in the driver GUI do I specify the ports to connect (or how do I do that via CLI). The manuals I found also didn’t give me a definitive understanding of the options present in the driver GUI — what is the correct way of using the Connection and Discovery lists? The way I understood it, in the Connection list there should be adresses in the local network, and if the device is in another network, it should be defined in the Discovery list. I have tried some combinations, but, no surprise, didn’t manage to get it to detect the device.
Also we’re interested in any encryption options AnywhereUSB can provide.

Currently the AnywhereUSB device does not have any type of encryption available.

Here is information regarding the firewall:

I would recommend reviewing the AnywhereUSB if you have any other questions: