HOw to flash into the Programmable XBee

I have Xbee 865/868 lp module and i have also P & E USB multilink interface for flash the code but i have trouble to load code in my xbee devise. Please give me solution about my problem.

Which processor are you trying to upload code to? What steps are you taking to do this with?

Thank you For give me reply

Freescale 8-bit MC9S08QE32 having 32 KB flash memory in my Xbee 865/868 LP module.

I have use directly use sample code of give in CodeWarrior 10.2 with XBEE SDK . I am select "Xbee sample application project " in that next select my device Xbee 865/868 lp S8 module next i have have to select GPIOs project in that i have select blink_led project. Then i have to build that project. After that i have go to run configure then in connection type i have select "P & E HSS08 Multilink \ Multilink Universal \ Cyclone Pro \ OSBDM " then i run that project but i got “POWER CYCLE DIALOG” after click ok then i get this window "p&e connection " .

How to solve this “POWER CYCLE DIALOG” error.