How to link a INNR smart lamp to a XBEE S2C coordinator

I have 2 XBEE S2C. One as coordinator , the other as router. Firmware version : 405F
My XBEE’s are plugged into a groove dev board. I’m playing with XCTU and some com port logging tool.
I’m testing now one RB innr 175 W smart lamp. (which should work with philips Hue and Osram Lighify)
With my 2 boards I can do remote AT commands to control leds on the groove board and so on. That seams to be working.

Now I’m trying to have a smart device (innr lamp) connected so I can control the lamp by sending commands.

In the XCTU when I do a ‘scan’ I see the end device but it seems it does not join.
I see Max address:00158D00017C529F, netw addr5381, type router and ‘unknown ?LQI’
If I click on the device in the scan window from the XCTU I get a message ‘…device sleeping or not in the network any more’

I did enable the encryption EE=1,EO=1 KY=5A6967…

So here I’m lost…

  • should the joining of the lamp with the coordinator by done 100% auto without need of serial commands via the XCTU? The beacon/association process.
  • Can I should I see beacon communication on my serial? Or is this handled at lower layer.
  • I was trying to setup my second Xbee as transparent to see if I could sniff beacon packages but no success.

Thanks if someone could point me in the right direction! I’m new to this so still learning.

Koen Algoet

No, not on this device. This device requires you to do some ZDO commands to Pair the device during the association process otherwise it will remove its self from the network.

I was hoping that I could receive the assosiation communication on the serial port which is connected to my pc and could send the ZDO commands via an testing program.
I use XCTU to test and also a test program in visual studio.
But I do not see this beacon request nor association request on the serial port. I did set DC10 (verbose) but still nothing on the serial port.

Did you set the XBee module for API mode and for ZDO pass thru?