how to make communicate 2 XBEE PRO S2 ?

I am a beginner in XBEE. I have 2 XBEE PRO S2 and their respective card, I have download the last version of XCTU. I plug the 2 XBEE into USB on the same PC, it recognizes them. I do not already have the option that appears on the software to change the channel. In addition to my memories one could modify the address MY on 16 bits Network address and it was just necessary that the destination address DL of the XBEE 1 is that of the MY of the XBEE 2 and vice versa. However, I can not modify the MY address (read only parameter) otherwise I have put the same PAN ID and the DH at 0 to put in course addressing. How to modify channel and MY of XBEE 1 and XBEE 2 to be able to communicate?
Thank you in advance.

You have been reading the documentation for the S1 (802.15.4) hardware and not the S2 Zigbee hardware. Try looking over the Getting started guide located at for that module. In order to form a network, you must have one of them configured as a Coordinator. It also uses 64 bit addressing only.