Two Way Communication by XBee Pro S2B

Hi Xbee Community
I am trying to use two XBee PRO S2B to communicate two arduino UNO to each other.I have configer XBee PRO S2B by XCTU one is Xbee Router AT Firmware 22A7
and other Xbee Co ordinator Firmware20A7
Following Parameter Set

Co Ordinator
MY 0
DH 0
DL 9F0

MY 9F0
DH 0
DL 0

As I Establised communication on Arduino
There is only one way communication from Router Arduino to Cordinator Arduino
Please suggest necessary changes for Two way communication

16-bit Network Address (my) need to be same in both modules. why your setting DL of coordinator is MY of router i didn’t get it? and what is mean by 9F0,ABCD

for simple 2 way communication just set the same pan id for the both modules and first configure the coordinator and next set the router.

if your going with point point communication set

coordinator DH=router 1st 8 bit mac(13A200)
Dl=router 2nd 8bit mac(example:xxxxxx)
same in router DH=coordinator 1st 8 bit mac(13a200)
DL=coordinator 1st 8 bit mac(xxxxxx)

it will work fine try this one

Thanks Mr. csreddy for quick reply
In some doccument of sparkfun it was mentioned to cross the My to DL

ok i will try it but as I connect Xbee Pro S2B to XCTU the My address comes automatically and I can not change the same.
Please suggest how I can Change MY

no need of change the MY value in the modules if you set the pan id is same for the both modules as i say before it will come automatically same

As per setting you said it works fine
Thanks for prompt help