how to retrieve an ACK?


I am sending a some bytes of payload via xbee_transparant_serial().

wpan_envelope_create(&env, &xdev.wpan_dev, WPAN_IEEE_ADDR_COORDINATOR, WPAN_NET_ADDR_UNDEFINED);

How can I be sure, that the packet was successfully received? Is there a way to retrieve an ACK from the coordinator?
There should be something on tranport layer, or?


Transparent does not provide that kind of data just like it would not on a cable. You would need to implement that in your own code or use API mode.

mvut, thanks for your answer. that explains why I couldn’t find anything in the firmware library documentation…

Ok, I could handle an ACK in my application, but since it is an battery powered device I believe the API attempt would be more efficient. Would you mind to provide a Codewarrior sample application? Or some lines of code, which show the concept of transmitting an API frame and receiving the ACK?

Thanks a lot!

I would recommend looking thru the XBee Programmable SDK for the examples you are looking for.