How to set Connect Port X4 SureLink settings with RCI command

I want to set SureLink with RCI command.
I was given the following RCI script to set both these settings:
Hard reset the mobile interface after the following number of consecutive failed connections.
Reboot the device after the following number of consecutive failed connections.



My question is where did the come from in the first command and in the second.
I do not see the phrases anywhere when I look at the html source.

I need to set the following SureLink settings also but do not know what to use for each. I can figure out the rest.

  1. Enable Link Integrity Monitoring using the test method selected below.
  2. Select he TCP Connection Test radio button
  3. Set TCP Port:, Primary and secondary address
    4.Repeat the selected link integrity test every: X seconds (10-65535)
  4. Reset the link after the following number of consecutive link integrity test failures. (1-255)

Thank You

while I can’t answer your question directly I can comment on an indirect method.

One trick I’ve done in the past is change the settings I want via the webUI. I’ll use values that are unique and easy to find in a search. After I’ve saved them I’ll do an RCI query. Then go through the result looking for the values I want. Then take the adjacent tags and build the RCI request you desire.