How to set-up a Zigbee ha1.2 smart plug and xbee s2c communication

Hello. I have a smart plug which uses Zigbee ha1.2. I want to use an xbee as coordinator and see the smart plug connected to it in xctu. How is this possible? I have changed the parameters of the coordinator xbee according to . But still can’t see the smart plug in xctu? Is it possible to see the connected smart plug in xctu? I need to finally get the data sent by the smart plug which is the power consumption. Are there any examples or has someone already done something similar who can help me.

XCTU only reports Digi products. You need to Pull the neighbor table and child tables to see if you can see it or not using ZDO commands.

Thank you for your answer I have posted my entire problem now on another thread. Will be great if I could get responses