How to setup communication between three xbees

I succesfully created communication between two xbees. I am using xbee series 2. The setup is like this:

Node1: xbee coordinator at. with DH and DL of node 2

Node2: xbee router At with DH and DL of node 1.

Now, i need another node in between these two, connecting these two somewhat like this,

node1 <> node2 <> node3

here, node 2 must relay communication on both the sides. How do I configure those three to create a communication link like that? I just want this: info generated on node1 should reach node3 via node2 and info generated on node3 should reach node1 via node2.



so your old setup
(node1 <> node2)
just needs a repeater?
(node1 <
> new node <
~~~~> node2)

If that is the case just set the new node up on the same network and they will automatically figure out who is in range.


I am a newbee; My understanding is you need to have end device and coordinator or trust center.
I have few questions here

  • Did you use SEP 1.1 ?
  • Which library did you use for API mode?

I would reply appreciate if you could reply to this.

Thanks so much.

my comment is generaly about zigbee networks. coordinators and routers will try to route traffic to end devices. To do that they use some route discovery. So if you have a gap in your network you can just add a new router in the gap to relay traffic on to the distant node. The new node does have to have all the same network settings and I am not an expert on smart energy, but It is fairly simple once you have your network talking to add a repeater. Digi even makes a product just for adding repeater nodes.

Thank you for your reply.

My question was more specific to SEP.
I’ve observed that in SEP it is not that straight forward to form a network when compared to normal zigbee.

You need to send particular set of messages each for joining , registering devices in application layer which is usually done in firmware in case of zigbee.

Thanks for the help.!

Could anyone shred a light on this?