How to show a command promt in Compact 7 ?

I just want to open a command promt in Compact 7 on a Digi CCWi-i.MX53 board. When i write “cmd” in Run under the Start menu it gives this error: “CMD cannot start. Low on memory or too many console windows open. Please close some console applications and try again”. I get the same error if clicking Start>Programs>Command Promt.

As I know there is enough memory. What can I do to show the command promt?

I want to show the command promt because I need to see the answer from wlantool.exe.


I solved it myself. Set OutputTo to 0 in the registry:

  1. In Visual Studio go to Tools>Remote Tools>Registry Editor
  2. For my board i select: Physically Connected Devices>ConnectCore i.MX53 Wi-i.MX53 ARMV7 Device
  3. Then set HKey_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\Console\OutputTo to 0
  4. Now I can open the command promt by writing CMD in Start>Run