How to telnet/ssh to a device with out of band connection?


I am not sure my question is treat as a question or answer.

I am dialing in with my modem connection to the console port or one of the ports on my Digi Passport 32 box. I can login without any issues but I am forced into a menu. I don’t see any command prompt ( #) to connect to a given port. There is no option to do that. What am I missing?

Thanks for the help. The menu I get is copied above.


Configuring a user to show the Port Access Menu should provide this.

  1. Enter the IP address of the Digi Passport unit in the address bar of a web browser to access the web interface.
  2. Select Configuration > Custom Menu > Menu Users. A list of available users is displayed or add new user (not root).
  3. Select the Port Access menu for a user by selecting a menu from the pulldown list.
  4. Click Save & apply.

You would then login as this user over the modem connection.

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Thanks a lot. That helped.