How to unlock uart

I figured my XBee was bricked and tried to update my XBee firmware using a Sparkfun USB explorer, and I got this message >>File ‘xb24_15_4_10ee.ehx2’ appears to be corrupt, its size is too small. Please contact support<< Please what do I do?

I checked the release notes for my current firmware and was informed that Tx at the wrong Baud rate could cause ‘uart’ to lockup. I don’t know what to do, I got the shield just yesterday and tried to figure it out.

This error message appears to be related to XCTU software’s library and not pointing to any UART issue.

I suggest you to either manually download correct FW file from Digi website and replace it in library or reinstall XCTU to overcome this issue.

asgm thanks for answering. gonna try what you recommended