HP-USB-14 - Individual port power management - can USB ports be turned on and off via an attached PC?

Hi all, the product description for the HubPort family says they have “Individual port power management,” can I turn the ports on and off from the PC they are attached to? I have a need to enable and disable the ports, to force a disconnect and reconnect of the attached USB devices.

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Looks like you can on page 6 to 10 it shows different ways of enabling or disabling each port

Thanks for taking the time to answer Campbell!

I’m just not 100% sure if that applies to the USB HP-USB-14, or if it’s only for the Edgeport serial hubs and /c USB hubs. It does mentions the Hubport/4c+ on page 5 in the heading, but I’m not 100% confident it will apply to the HP-USB-14(no c suffix.)

I’m also concerned how old that document is since all the OS’s mentioned are not relevant anymore.

I did find this one:

But it also only briefly mentions Hubports in passing, with a note on page 25 for Hubports with a /c suffix.

So I’m confused, I might try and obtain the edgeport utility and see if it has a dropdown list of supported Hubports or similar.

Thanks again