I need a board with xbeepro and µcontrolleur better if it has input for sensors can you suggest a borad to me

don’t know any board with attached micro-controller. But except that Digi’s own XBIB-U boards are great to work with.

What about Digi’s BL4S100 range of SBCs? Some of them have sockets for XBEE


Yes, the BLS series would work. There are also other options such as the programmable Xbee modules or the Arduino line of processors and associated boards. A good place for a beginner to work from would be Sparkfun electronics. Sparkfun is designed for the hobbyists and will have most if not all of the components you are looking for.

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For the arduino board that is contains input for sensors and how much?

yes, they include analog inputs that can be used. Since Digi is not the one that offers the arduino, you need to talk to Sparkfun or someone of that nature about the cost and total number of analog inputs that are supported.